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SPECIALS every Saturday like Penne Bolognese, Homemade fish nuggets and sauteed potatoes, and best ever cheese on toast.

  • Garlic Bread and Cheese €3.50
  • Roast chicken with Today's vegetables €5.95
  • Noodle house pasta with parmesan or pesto €3.50
  • Noodle House pasta with Roast chicken, fresh tomato sauce and garlic bread €5.95
  • Kelly's sausages and Mash €3.95
  • Scoop of Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce €1.50

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SPECIALS change everyday. Some of our favourites include:

  • French toast with bananas and maple cream
  • Connemara Smokehouse smoked Salmon with scrambled eggs
  • Kelly's black pudding, potato cake and bramley apple sauce
  • Macroom oatmeal porridge with poached rhubarb.
Now also serving Buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup in both cafes every Saturday Morning.

Our everyday breakfast favourites include...

Full Breakfast €7.25
Kelly's Sausages and pudding, rashers, fried eggs and mushrooms

Vegetarian Breakfast €6.95
Flatfield mushrooms, potato and spinach cake, fried eggs, and a grilled tomato

French Toast with Bacon and maple syrup €6.95

Bacon Sandwich €3.95

Granola with toasted nuts, natural yoghurt, and seasonal fruit compote €3.95

Toasted rua breads with lemon curd and jam €3.95

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Specials change everyday. As well as daily changing soups and hot sandwiches, we have four or five different dishes on everyday which reflect the season and what local produce is best available to us. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Roast loin of Pork, carrots, red cabbage, Champ
  • Lasagne with courgettes and wild garlic
  • Flat Field Mushroom, leek and gubeen cheese pies with salads
  • Salmon and Potato cakes with Stephen gould's mixed leaves and homemade tartare sauce
  • Noodle House pappardelle with meatballs and roast tomato sauce
  • Honey roast Bacon salad with Apple chutney and a Cashel blue potato cake

and here's what we have everyday:

Today's Soup with Brown Bread €4

Warm Chicken Salad with Chilli mayo and A Boiled potato €10.95

Free range egg, Tuna and mixed leaf salad with a potato salad €10.95

Warm Goat's cheese salad, toasted seeds, Rua chutney and Garlic bread €10.95

Irish Cheeses with Apple Chutney, mixed leaf salad, Seasonal fruit and brown bread €9.95

Chicken liver pate with salads, toast and Cranberry relish €6.95

Clarke's Smoked Salmon plate with salads and brown bread €11.95

Chicken Crostini with noodle house pasta salad and mixed leaves €9.95

Toasted Honey Roast Bacon and Maryland Cheddar Sandwich with Rua chutney and mixed leaves €6.95

Rua Paninis with with noodle house pasta salad and mixed leaves (see blackboard) €8.50

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(and sweet stuff)

Specials everyday. We've always got something hot in the colder months like:
  • a bread and butter pudding,
  • Apple and blackberry crumble,
  • Steamed chocolate pudding or
  • Rice pudding with sweet roasted rhubarb.
And throughout the year we'll always have a cream cake on like a chocolate roulade or a good old fashioned strawberry sponge.

Our everyday cakes include...

Warm Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream €4.95

Bakewell Tart €4.50

Apple pie €3.95

Click here to see more from our bakery available for take away.

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Tea and Coffee
We have Java Republic real leaf tea and Fairtrade organic coffee availble at both cafes and for takeout at our delicatessen.

At the Moment our café wines at daytime are:

Red: Merlot d'orsaria - Italy - 2006 - €21 / Glass €6

White: Orvieto classico - Italy - 2007 €21 / Glass €6

We have a much broader list available at our dinner nights. Please also view our Delicatessen's wine section.


  • Luscombe Organic Drinks €3.25
  • Homemade lemonade €2.50
  • Llewellyns Premium Irish Apple Juice, 330ML - €2.95 or 750ML - €5.95
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice €3.50
  • Perrier Sparkling or Vittel Still 750ML €4.50 /330 ml €2.50

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Since the start of 2009 , we've been running a few one off 'Rua at Night' dinner events in Spencer Street. So far, we've been running the night on the last Friday of the month and the format has been a three course set menu full of wonderful and local seasonal ingredients for around €40.
Booking is essential for these nights and we'll accept a reservation for up to two months in advance. Please ring 094 9286072 .

Click here for our May 2011 sample menu.

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Dinner at New Antrim Street for December Fridays, Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th. Bookings 094 9023376.

Click here for our sample Christmas menu.

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